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who and what is the state assembly

  1. We are acting in our birthright capacity as State Nationals and State Citizens belonging to the land and soil of our respective States of the Union. We understand that doing this requires us to leave behind and expatriate from any other citizenship obligations real or imagined. They continued/are continuing to act in the capacity of some form of “US Citizen” — which is a political status foreign to our States.
  2. We are acting as Lawful Persons known as People They are acting as Legal Persons known as Individuals — a form of Stateless Foreign Situs Trust.
  3. We are intent on peacefully assembling our actual soil and land jurisdiction states/States. This is our inherent and guaranteed right to do as American State Nationals and American State Citizens. They are/were intent on setting up competing “States of State“, apparently to overturn existing Territorial and/or Municipal States of State, but as “US Citizens” they are not competent to set up a State of State of any kind and can be considered in rebellion if they attempt to do so. This leads to them being arrested and charged and jailed with great regularity.
  4. We are standing on the solid ground of our own country as heirs of every treaty, every trust, every commercial contract owed to us by the British Monarch and the Popes/Pontiffs, including the actual Constitutions. They are standing on the decks of legal fiction “vessels” cut off from the jurisdiction of the land, and subject instead to the jurisdiction of the sea (Queen) and the jurisdiction of the air (Pope). As Stateless Foreign Situs Trusts in the international jurisdiction of the sea (“individuals”), they are prey to the Queen’s Privateers. As Foreign Municipal Franchises of the Holy Roman Empire, they are slaves and paupers of the Puerto Rican Commonwealth, which still functions under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.
  5. Those of us acting as “People”, that is, as State Citizens of our respective States of the Union, can claim and enforce the provisions of all three (3) original Constitutions. They are acting as “US Citizens” of some form or other, and “US Citizens” of any stripe are not a party to the Constitutions and cannot enforce them or claim any guarantees or protections under the Constitutions.
  6. We, the People of the States of the Union, are the recognized Employers of the various groups of “US Citizens” on our shores; they owe us duty and Good Faith Service at all times. Both the Queen and the Pope owe us proper administration of their services and management of their personnel on our shores. They, those operating as “US Citizens” either Territorial or Municipal, are the Employees in receipt of labor contracts and benefits obligating them to serve us. As Territorial level employees, they are subject, ultimately, to the Queen– via the President of the United States of America and as Municipal employees, they are subject to the Holy Roman Empire and its official hierarchy through the President of the United States.
  7. We have retired and expatriated from any citizenship obligations owed or presumed to be owed to the Queen or the Pope. We have “returned” home to our lawful domain and stand as Lawful Persons on the land and soil of our States. No valid complaint can be brought against us for any “failure to perform” any duty related to any federal franchise or person. We stand under the Public Law. Those willfully acting as “US Citizens” remain in an active duty status as “volunteers” of various kinds including unpaid work as “Withholding Agents” (British Merchant Marine Warrant Officers), Territorial or Municipal “Bankers”, “Motor Vehicle Operators”, and so on. They can be held in dereliction of duty and arrested, fined, or jailed for any Federal Territorial or Municipal Code Violation and are naturally subject to this form of Private Law imposed by both the parent corporations and their local State of State franchises.
  8. We have seized control of our Trade Names and any Derivative NAMES associated with us and have permanently domiciled all these “persons” on the land and soil of our States, thereby re- flagging them as belonging to Lawful Persons and as American State Vessels engaged in peaceful international trade and commerce. As a result, all the Names/NAME associated with us function under Public Law and they are all owed all the guarantees and treaties and exemptions owed to American State Vessels when engaged in international trade or commerce. They have not taken responsibility for establishing and claiming their permanent homestead on American State soil, nor have they identified themselves as people adopting their Lawful Person status; as a result, they and the various franchise names attached to them remain “at sea” as Legal Persons of indefinite origin and merely “presumed” to be US Citizens.
  9. We and our ancestors have been at peace for various lengths of time. Some of us have been at peace since 1783, some since 1814, some since 1865 — but all of us are officially at peace and have been at peace for a long time. We are officially owed The Law of Peace by the U.S. Military as is admitted by their own Regulations: AR27- 161-1. As Employers of the U.S. Military, we are immune from attack or reproach. They, the “US Citizens” both Territorial and Municipal, have been at war continuously since 1860 and they remain at war and continue to operate under conditions of false emergency and via Executive Orders. This is why they have a cops-and-robbers mentality, adopt noms de guerre, and reduce everything to spy stories and thrillers. This is also why they may be subject to 14th Amendment Territorial Citizenship and subjected as both slaves and criminals.
  10. We have surrendered any Municipal PERSONS issued in our names back to the Secretary of the US Treasury, and have named him as the Fiduciary Officer responsible for these PERSONS. We cannot be accused of having any further responsibility with respect to these Municipal PERSONS, nor can we be accused of harming them. We have properly discharged any duty that we ever had or were presumed to have. They have retained these Municipal PERSONS and have not changed their domicile and not returned them to the Secretary of the US Treasury, with the result that they are still “individually liable” and responsible for any debts or crimes associated with these PERSONS.
  11. We have established indemnity bonds for each of our States with the United States Treasury allowing us to engage freely in international trade or commerce, indemnifying our shipping, and preserving our States from any loss of assets. They have not, with the result that they are continuing in possession of derelict foreign-registered Vessels that have not been re-venued as American Vessels, and acting without any sovereign indemnity bonds in place. This places them in an illegal status as presumed pirates or smugglers, subject to arrest.
  12. We have established international and global claims to and liens upon our assets including our re-venued American State Persons/PERSONS and have published them timely for the benefit of all the American States and The United States and The United States of America. They, the “US Citizens” among us, have not made the effort to reclaim their birthright political status, so have no claim to the assets of their birthright and no direct voice in determining the future of this country going forward. This is not our fault or doing or wish for them.
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