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the truth about the irs

The IRS / BATF Connection

Apparently, some people are misunderstanding what I said the other night about the IRS and the BATF so I am putting it down in writing and explaining it.

The IRS has no capacity of its own to enforce anything.

All power of distraint related to the IRS is vested in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

See 27 CFR, Chapter 1, Subchapter F, Part 70: all power of distraint enforcement of the IRS is connected to and through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

This goes back to the original plan to finance the Federal Government from the regulation (taxation) of “interstate manufacture, sale, and transport” of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.

This is how the Federal Government got into the “Sin Tax” business in the first place and this is the modern-day connection back to it: BATF.

So, how, you may wonder, does the IRS figure into that?

By claiming that we are all federal citizens of one stripe or another engaged in some activity related to the “interstate manufacture, sale, and transport” of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.

You will remember that years ago I obtained “MY” IRS Masterfile and the separate codebook needed — literally— to decode it.

I learned to my amazement that “ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER” — the Municipal Doppelganger– was engaged in managing a rum distillery in Barbados.

At the time I was simply flabbergasted and had my nose wrinkled up like a Venetian Blind. The whole concept was so completely off-the-scale that I made jokes about it every time I mixed a Hot Buttered Rum — but there was a method to their well-hidden madness.

They were building a completely fictitious and vicious dossier connecting my name — or what appeared to normal people to be my name — to activities that are firmly under the thumb and forefinger of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

Likewise, and at the same time, I discovered that according to the IRS, my husband, James, was a big-time gun runner in South America, right up there with Ollie North and the Contras.

Same schtick.  Setting him up and mischaracterizing him as a Municipal Corporation franchisee engaged in the interstate (which means “international”) sale and transport of what?  Firearms.  And firearms are under the control of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms — BATF, again.

So all this Shinola on the part of the IRS is self-evidently created out of thin air and compiled as a False Dossier (where have we seen that before?) that they present to BATF Officials to justify action by the BATF on behalf of the IRS.

How much do you want to bet that all those poor sods at Waco were similarly misrepresented as drug lords and kingpins and dangerous mercenary characters — probably in possession of weapons of mass destruction?  And how much would you like to bet that the “proof” of this was supplied to Janet Reno and the BATF in the form of IRS Master Files?

This has been going on since the 1930s, folks.

No doubt they have you and your family members all framed up, too.

The IRS “Agents” have all been working for a private trust fund in Puerto Rico run by members of the Dominican Order (not the much-maligned Jesuits) under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition collecting Church Tithes called “Peter’s Pence”—purportedly in the form of “gift and estate taxes”.

Though, to be sure, most IRS Agents don’t know that and will stare at you like you are a Talking Horse and walk away shaking their heads if you tell them that upfront.  Only their boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s Boss will catch the drift, and his reaction will be to look worried and jog-trot away at the earliest opportunity, never to be seen or heard from again.

I can guarantee this from direct experience.

Can you imagine all the IRS Officials pooping green goo as they read this?  Knowing that their “cover” is blown and their “system” dissected?  Can you hear the Power Shredders at work in Washington, DC, as they struggle to destroy the evidence and “overwrite” the digital Master Files and try to change the meanings of their Master File code books?


But the evidence is already distributed worldwide and their migration to the Mariana Islands where they planned to continue their predatory activities on us —plus two billion innocent Chinese people— has been well-noted and publicized.

I am just kicking back at the end of a long day, sharing reasons why the “IRS” in its present form is not long for this world, and why the hunters are now the hunted.

All IRS-generated Notices of Tax Lien and Notices of Tax Levy are unenforceable and do not constitute Notice, as the IRS has no powers of distraint.

Actual Legal Notice must be posted and addressed to you by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms — and all of you who have received such phony “Notices” of liens and levies from the IRS have firm grounds to go after them and their officers and agents, plus the recording offices and banks and courts that have allowed them to use these phony “Notices” as part of any legal process.

And when and if they pick their cajones up off the floor and address you again via the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms issuing a Notice of Lien or Notice of Levy or any confiscation or distraint Order of any kind, guess what?

They will have to prove that you were operating a foreign corporation offshore and that that corporation was engaged in the interstate manufacture, sale, or transport of alcohol, tobacco, and/or firearms —- and they will have to produce their proof and all the records related to this corporation, its board members, its articles of incorporation, its address, and so much more.

Imagine all the fun we will have?  Asking to see our passports and Airport CT of our trips going back and forth to “Barbados” (for example)?  Discovering all the money going into foreign bank accounts held in our NAMES?

I get a warm, fuzzy feeling just thinking about it.

Sadly for that prospect, if history is any teacher, when they become really, truly convinced that their “system” has been breached –which is right about now– they will fold their tents in the night and disappear.

And they won’t be able to move to China.

So I would guess that they will try to put on a new face — maybe a Sales Tax face or a Fair Tax face or some other new name and mask and get something ginned up again.  It’s our responsibility to stay sharp and not let them.

Government has its valid purposes, but the government is like an ever-hungry dog.  If you let it, it will glut itself— on you, and your children.  As its Master, we have to discipline it and teach it and keep it within its bounds.  Whether it is a “good” government or a “bad” government, it is still a government, just like a dog is still a dog.

Here’s Kicker Number 1 Regarding IRS/BATF  – January 8, 2020

Yesterday, I told you why all these IRS Liens and Levies are Hokum.

But it gets even better.

Not only are the only powers of distraint related to the IRS overtly lodged with the BATF, but, the IRS is not allowed to access distraint powers lodged in any other Agency acting under any other Title of  Federal Code — including Title 27—that is, the BATF Title.

What this means is that the IRS doesn’t have ANY access to ANY powers of distraint through the BATF, either.

I defer to one of my favorite researchers:

“Related to your recent accurate article on the IRS – about enforcement regulations only connected to Title 27 – ATF activities – TRUE – here’s the clincher on this fact. See 1 CFR 21.21(c) below – that basically says: The IRS is not allowed to use Title 27 enforcement regulations.  The IRS cannot use any “enforcement” regs from any other U.S.C. Title other than Title 26.

All Title 26 (alleged) code section violations — HAVE TO HAVE A TITLE  26 “ENFORCEMENT” REGULATION in the Parallel Tables of Authority. There  are “NO” enforcement regulations (meaning $ collection regulations) for any Title 26 violations.


Title 26 “Enforcement” regulations are regs “APPROVED” by Congress, but there are “NO” enforcement regs for any Title 26 violations. Why?  Because the whole 1040 tax return scheme is 100% “VOLUNTARY” and when someone doesn’t file a 1040 tax return and pay income taxes – they are  “effectively” un-volunteering to pay, thus, Congress gave NO “AUTHORITY”  or “RIGHT” to the IRS to file a lien or levy or seize anyone’s bank acct. or garnish their wages, pensions, or social security payments —  so this is why there are no valid “ENFORCEMENT” (tax collection actions)  regulations, in the Parallel Table of Authority promulgated (published)  in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) in the Federal Register where they have to be published by law – or they are not valid positive law regulations applicable to the living men and women in the states of the union.

Every bank account seizure, wage garnishment, or pension seizure by the  IRS is an illegal “taking” – a theft of one’s private property in violation of too many laws to mention here and I’m sure the IRS knows they have no “AUTHORITY” from Congress to seize anyone’s bank accounts or other assets as they have never had any authority from Congress to even send anyone an “Amount Due” notice. This applies even to  “taxpayers” who haven’t revoked their election to be treated “as though”  they are “taxpayers.”

See attached one-page “Enforcement” Regulations” – not one regulation relates to Title 26 like they have to be – and “ALL” tax code  “violations” are Title 26 violations (allegedly). BINGO!!!!

Any IRS officer, agent, or employee will be terminated (fired) if found to be using illegal and unauthorized tax collection actions against anyone. Every tax collection letter, notice, or action by the IRS is  “unauthorized” by Congress. Stand up, people.
1 CFR § 21.21 – General requirements: References.

§ 21.21 General requirements: References.

(a)  Each reference to the Code of Federal Regulations shall be in terms of the specific titles, chapters, parts, sections, and paragraphs involved.  Ambiguous references such as “herein”, “above”, “below”, and similar expressions may not be used.

(b) Each document that contains a reference to material published in the Code shall include the Code citation as a part of the reference.

(c) Each agency shall publish its own regulations in full text. Cross-references to the regulations of another agency may  not be used as a substitute for publication in full text unless the  Office of the Federal Register finds that the regulation meets any of  the following exceptions:

(1) The reference is required by court order, statute, Executive order, or reorganization plan.

(2) The reference is to regulations promulgated by an agency with the exclusive legal authority to regulate in a subject matter area, but the referencing agency needs to apply those regulations in its own programs.

(3) The reference is informational or improves clarity rather than being regulatory.

(4) The reference is to test methods or consensus standards produced by a Federal agency that has replaced or preempted private or voluntary test methods or consensus standards in a subject matter area.

(5) The reference is to the Department level from a subagency.

[37 FR 23611, Nov. 4, 1972, as amended at 50 FR 12468, Mar. 28, 1985]

1 CFR § 21.40 – General requirements: Authority citations.

§ 21.40 General requirements: Authority citations.

Each section in a document subject to codification must include, or be covered by, a complete citation of the authority under which the section is issued, including –

(a) General or specific authority delegated by statute; and

(b) Executive delegations, if any, necessary to link the statutory authority to the issuing agency.

[50 FR 12468, Mar. 28, 1985]”


Just wait, Folks.  It gets better. And better. And better.

The  Territorial United States Congress gave no power to the IRS to inflict any distraint upon anyone by any means at all.  Title 26 is a Red  Herring.  It’s all nothing but Smoke and Mirrors.

And you will be pleased to know that the IRS Auditors are all functioning as Officers in the Military and using DD150 “Commissions” — without,  however, any authority to audit 1040 Forms.

What you are looking at is the Biggest Con and Identity Theft and Money  Laundering Scheme in the history of the world.  You and your country and everyone that you are likely to know, have been the victims of criminal cartels operating as central banks ever since the Council of Nicea and the formation of the “Roman” Catholic Church.

For  1700 years they have been getting away with this crap and using the  Christian Church as a storefront to pull it off.   They were going to move their operations to the United Nations as their new storefront and shed their moral obligations entirely, but now that won’t be possible.

Hang onto your hats, because the Apocalypse is well underway, and The Great Tribulation (paying “tribute” to Rome) is ending.

IRS Kicker 2 – Hunting the Hunters – January 9, 2020

Pursuant to all the Good Garbage we have been digging up about the IRS/BATF and  DD150 “Commissioned Officers” who have been pulling off this pillaging and plundering on our shores, a thoroughly “unanswerable” letter has been composed exposing the short-comings of their system and process,  and yes— it’s criminal nature and the resulting liability that all these characters accrue for participating in it.

The  IRS Officers can be prosecuted and fined for these activities against  American civilians, a fact brought home to them along with the basis for it.  Most of these people dislike the prospect of losing their jobs and their bosses dislike the prospect of having their corporations  (including banks and incorporated ‘government’ entities) liquidated for criminal activities.

They’ve been misaddressing you, so now it is time for you to take them to school.

Within the next 24 hours, a “Red Line” Letter will be posted both on my website: www.annavonreitz.com and on the www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net website.

This is a letter in template form that you can use to stop any IRS or  “property tax” action administered by the IRS.  The instructions and places where you need to add in your own specific information are in red, so you go through and make the additions and deletions, then change the color back to black.

The reason that this letter is so effective, yet so polite, is that by law the IRS Officers are required to put their own wet-ink signatures on the  Amount Due Notice and none of them want the liability of doing so for reasons that become obvious in the course of reading this letter.

This  Notice Process should be sent to the IRS officers that are harassing you and bringing false charges, as well as your bank CEO, the Social  Security Administration or any other agency that might garnish payments or services owed to you, and the State Commissioner of Natural  Resources, who is the one responsible for allowing these characters to post bogus Tax Lien and Tax Levy Notices in the first place.

All these people need to be educated and you might as well do it all at once to encourage them to stop improper publications of bogus liens and levies, garnishments, and “property tax” claims that have nothing to do with you and your actual assets.

IRS Red Line Letter Template


RR98 Section 1203


26 USC Subtitle F Regulations


IRS Kicker 3 – January 14, 2020

You can’t beat the horse’s mouth.   Here is the video clip from 2013 in which former IRS Commissioner Steve Miller admitted that income taxes are totally “voluntary”.

Unless they have changed the meaning of “voluntary” to mean “compulsory”,  millions of Americans have reason to differ with the foreign courts and private police forces engaged in pillaging and plundering unauthorized public trusts.

In case it has not dawned on some people yet, by “impersonating” us and creating these various corporations functioning in our names, the perpetrators are unlawfully converting our private earnings into corporate income — which they can then tax.

All  “income” is a corporate profit accrual that has nothing to do with your small business or private earnings at all.  You have to be set up as a  corporation — think Articles of Incorporation, Board Members,  Officers, Shareholders, etc.— before you even have “income”.


So what is actually going on here?

Well,  these foreign corporations came in here and “seized upon” your name,  infringed upon your natural copyright, and evaded the protections you are owed under the Constitutions.

They created corporation franchises for their own actual corporations, the  US, Inc., and the USA, Inc., named these franchises (like Dairy Queen franchises) after you.

Then,  as they created and laundered money through these franchises —  money (according to them) coming from activities related to interstate manufacture, sale, and transport of firearms, alcohol, and tobacco —  but actually representing your private earnings, they claimed that you were engaged in these industries and had income as a result.

Complete, total, fraud.

So you can imagine the situation.  Here are these IRS auditors and agents coming in to examine the books of JOHNNY WALKER, INC.  They think you are running a corporation.  They are convinced that your earnings are corporate “income”.  Moreover, because you are supposedly getting this income from shady sources and regulated activities, they are already pre-disposed to think of you as some questionable, shady character,  too.

And you walk in, innocent of the flowers in May, having no idea what is going on, no idea what they are seeing or thinking based on the (false)  information they have been given, and you have conversations that make no sense at all.

You,  of course, are talking about money that you earned running your own small business or working at a job, and they are talking about corporate income.  And because nobody involved realizes that there is this gargantuan impersonation fraud involved, it stands.

The  IRS Agents come in like they are fighting the Whiskey Rebellion and you are left standing there, still clueless, hat in hand.

So,  put this handy-dandy video clip in your iPhone collection and on your computer, ready to send to any IRS official who contacts you.  You are free to explain that for you, a non-citizen, non-Federal Employee,  payment of federal taxes is voluntary and you are choosing not to volunteer.

The other thing that you need to know is that there are two (2) “IRS”  organizations.  There is the Internal Revenue Service, collecting money for the British Territorial United States Government, which acts under the premises described above, and there is the IRS, collecting money for the Papist Municipal Government, which has a different rationale,  leading to the same ends.

The  Papist Municipal Government pretends that you owe it money for the privilege of impersonating yourself and operating as one of their incorporated franchises.  In other words, they are taxing your  “corporation” –which you don’t even know exists– for a privilege you are unaware of, too.

They claim that you have been “pledged” by your Mother, or by FDR, or otherwise by yourself, to pay Municipal Income Taxes— which they call  “Peter’s Pence”.

Peter’s Pence has been collected as an income tax since the 1100s, and it is collected by the Inquisition, as a “gift” and “special offering” that is due every year on April 15th.

This is the reason that all the incorporated PERSONS were warehoused in  Puerto Rico, where the Municipal Government had access to the Spanish  Law of the Inquisition, and this is why the persecution of American  “TAXPAYERS” has been so brutal.

When we took this to Rome and bearded the then-Pope and his Vatican Chancery  Court Officials, they replied that oh, no, this was a great misunderstanding!  No, of course, we were exempt from any such collection! And as for the PERSONS, they were all tax percuse —  meaning “tax pre-paid”….  The PERSONS were merely given to us as gifts….

Like Trojan horses.

The mis-administration by the Inquisitorial IRS is legend and so are the horror stories of those victimized by it.  Unlike their Territorial  Brethren, these IRS Officers usually do know what they are doing and they know that it is a crime, and they do it anyway — “for their holy cause”.

The best thing you can do if you suspect that you have run afoul of this breed of “IRS” official, is to look them right in the eye and say, “I am not a Catholic, I don’t embrace your holy cause, I am not pledged nor pledging, and I don’t consider Municipal citizenship a benefit or privilege of any kind. I am a foreigner with respect to the Municipal  Government owed every jot of The Constitution of the United States  agreements.”

It’s only when they “know that you know” what they are doing and the premises upon which they are acting that these Gila Monsters let you go.

They usually identify themselves by using the “IRS” designation.

And now, finally, we will observe that both these Subcontractors are impersonating you for other reasons as well as being able to tax you under False Pretenses.

They are conspiring to evade the requirements of the Constitutions governing their operations on our shores, and as such, are operating as  “enemies”— both foreign and domestic.

They are obligated to shoot themselves for it, but since both these organizations are, at the end of the day, owned and operated by the  Pope, there is no credible reason for any of this.  He is “fighting”  against himself, because he owns the Territorial “Commonwealth”  Government which the Queen manages for him, and he directly owns the  Municipal United States Government and all its franchises through the incorporation of the City of Rome.

Once again, as with the Chemtrails and the gun-grabbing in Virginia and the mis-administration of the “IRS” and the pedophilia and all the rest of it — all roads lead to Rome and Babylon if you want to be more precise.

Time to wake up, people.  Time to take action.

IRS Internal Memo


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