You are part of the Land Jurisdiction!

Have you ever wondered why what we all call “the Law of the Land” is so elusive? And, disregarded by the institutions that are supposed to be protecting us? Namely, the government, police, and the courts?

The reason for any government to exist is to protect the people and their property. That’s it.

As an American and state national, you deserve the protections and remedies that have been hidden from you for generations. The good news is that many historians and researchers have spent countless hours researching the intended governmental structure. The government that our founders set up. The actual history of the united States of America from the end of the Civil War to this moment.


When you were born, your parents registered your birth with the state where you were born via a Birth Certificate. However, this registration was a deceptive and fraudulent act. In legal terms, this act converted your status from “American” to “US Citizen” (aka, “citizen of the United States“).

You may ask yourself, “what is the big deal?”

However, this “unlawful act” changed your legal status and your standing in the law. Rather than being recognized as “a living being on the Land and Soil”, you were converted to a “person lost in the jurisdiction of the Sea.”

come home to the lan

The State Assemblies not only provides the necessary education to understand the situation, but also provides a simple paperwork process to correct your status. Once you claim your corrected status as a State National, you live and breathe on the land, regain your unalienable rights outlined in our founding documents, and can participate in self-governing, which is what our system requires.


With Rights Come Responsibility to Self-Govern

The State Assemblies are accomplishing real change

We created a National Credential Card to identify us in our proper jurisdiction for law enforcement.  We are forming our courts called Jural Assemblies and we are developing a Peace Keeping Force which reboots the Land Jurisdiction County Sheriffs.  We are also helping people find debt relief through a program called Sign In America. We are teaching people how to respond to the predatory practices of foreign courts, the IRS, and all other agencies that are abusing their power to entrap people through false contracting.

We are restoring our Lawful government and we are asking for your participation.  Our effort is not about politics, it is about criminality and lack of accountability.


Contact the help desk and complete your paperwork on the Land Recording System (LRS).


The American State Nationals Are Owed

The Law of Peace

“We and our ancestors have been at peace for various lengths of time. Some of us have been at peace since 1783, some since 1814, some since 1865 — but all of us are officially at peace and have been at peace for a long time.

We are officially owed The Law of Peace by the U.S. Military

their own Regulations: AR27- 161-1

As Employers of the U.S. Military, we are immune from attack or reproach.”

Excerpted from “Why This Is Different” Article by Anna Von Reitz from

Declaration of Independence

As State Nationals and Americans, we stand on the land jurisdiction under our unalienable rights as outlined in the Declaration of Independence.

We are restoring our lawful government and we are asking for your participation!  Our effort is not about politics, it is about criminality and lack of accountability.

taking back our rightful place in government

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